Truth Awning Window Hinge | 14″


Sold in pairs with screws.

Available in stainless steel.

Used with awning window operators #AWDP-PP-10, #AWDP-PP-12, #AWDP-RR-10, and #AWDP-IP-00.

This awning window hinge has a 14″ steel track with steel supporting arms and black acetal low-friction shoe. Detachable clips allows for easy installation.

Awning hinge system has adjustable friction screws which allow users to customize the effort required to open and close awning windows. As they open, awning hinges balance a sash, making for smooth effortless operation. A delrin shoe with stainless steel reinforcement provides continuous, fluid action with solid support.

Also available: corrosion-resistant non-magnetic stainless steel package.

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