Peachtree Window Balance Pair | 24″-32″


Priced per pair.

Note: “C” denotes cottage window, * upper sash, ** lower sash, *** with tempered glass

Ordering Information:
1. Measure channel length
2. Identify number stamped on channel
3. Select our corresponding part number from the chart.

Part NumberChannel LengthStamping #Window Size
60P-RIO26.25"25.25-3D2460, D3060
60P-RIF 26.25"25.25-4D3660, D4260
60P-RII26.25" 25.25-5D4260
60P-OPF32.25"31.25-4D3072, D3672, D3666C**
60P-OPI 32.25"31.25-5D4272, D4266C**
60P-OPT 32.25"31.25-6D4272
60P-OPL 32.25"31.25-9D4272, D4266C** (***)

Peachtree Ariel non-tilt double hung window balance pairs.

Please review the picture, measurements and other details before ordering.

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Additional information

Stamping Number

25.25-3, 25.25-4, 25.25-5, 31.25-3, 31.25-4, 31.25-5, 31.25-6, 31.25-9