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If you have an old wood, vinyl or aluminum clad patio door with Guardian or other tempered glass brand in need of handles, locks, mortise lock systems, single or tandem wheel rollers or even screen door problems – Your AWDP GROUP USA CAN USUALLY HELP!

If you encounter other issues or problems with what you are calling a Guardian sliding glass patio door, your best answer is to understand the reality within the industry and be familiar with your warranty paperwork given when you purchased the patio door. Product may be under some type of warranty – if you know who made the door, who sold it and/or who installed it – and it’s not over 10 years old. Normally this is rarely the case and not so easy to resolve. Find your paperwork, read the warranty, and determine if you are still covered. Contact the company from whom you purchased your doors. Many door and window companies were forced to close due to the dramatic downturns in the economy.

Unfortunately, many home owners identify their doors by the glass etching or tempered glass stampings which are required by federal law since the 1970’s for all glass located within doors.  Although warranty issues may vary widely – most experts say 10 years is the norm. Many companies that offered a “lifetime warranty” are no longer in business. Most manufacturers do transfer their warranties to new owners if a house is sold. Be sure to check your paperwork and ask this before closing if you are purchasing a previously owned home. When needing a glass replacement due to glass seal failure, fogging or condensation your best bet will be a local tempered glass provider near you offering reputable glass shop services. Never attempt to cut, install, or otherwise work with tempered glass yourself.

Following are a few examples of problems and issues encountered with Guardian Patio Tempered Glass warranties to consider. 

·         What “brand” is your patio door? It’s not Guardian – they only made the tempered glass and not the door?

·         If you can’t find a “brand” – then remember the line from Ghostbusters .. WHO YOU GONNA CALL?

·         Some warranties are only a limited warranty – read your warranty carefully.

·         Many warranties exclude damages that are considered – ACTS OF GOD – things like wind, storm, hail, tornados etc. – even if they have a limited lifetime warranty.

·         Some may even have exclusions related to “homeowner” maintenance clauses.

·         Some may be warranties applied only to the original purchaser.

·         Some have very specific exclusions to some parts only like, vinyl components etc.   

Many original brand manufacturers may have used Guardian Tempered Flat Glass in their products: Acadia, Acme, Acorn, Acro, AFG, Airmaster, Alcoa, Alenco, Alhom, Alpine, Alsco, Alside, Aluma, Alumax, Alwinseal, Amacor, Amarr, America, American, Amerimax, Amsco, Anaconda, Andersen, Anderson, Anlin, Arcadia, Aristokraft, Armaclad, Atis, Atrium, Austin, Avanti, AWP, Baldwin, Barber, Bayform, Barber and Ross, Beach, Bellhouse, Benchmark, Better-Bilt, Bf, Biltbest, Builtbest, Best-Bilt, Binnings, Binswanger, Bishop, Bowden, Bristol, Burcon, Capitol, Caradco, Carlite, Cascade, Castlegate, Certainteed, CGI, Champion, Chelsea, Columbia, Comfort, Comfort-View, Corning, Cox, Craft, Craftline, Craftsman, Crestline, CRL, Croft, Crossly, Custom, Daryl, Davis, Dayton, Deceuninck, Design, Detroit-Devac, Dorchester, Dura-Built, EZ-Roll, Eagle, East, Ecker, Efco, EntryGard, Excalibur, Fiberglass, Fiberlux, Firstsource, Floataway, Florida, Focus, Formosa, Fortune, G-U, Gallatin, Gapco, Gem, General, Georgia, Gerkin, Geze, Gilkey, Glass, Graham, Guardian, PPG, Herculite, Harvey, Hayfield, Heartland, Hehr, Hess, Howard, Hurd, Imperial, Infinity, Inline, Innovation, Integrity, International, Interstate, Intus, Jeld-Wen, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Kasson, Kawneer, Keller, Kensington, Kinco, King, Kinro, Kohler, Kolbe and Kolbe, Krestmark, Larson, Last, Laurence, Laurie, Lawson, Lealco, Lee, Lincoln, Look, Louisiana Pacific, Loxscreen, Lupton, Lux, Malta, Mannix, Marvin, Masco, Masonite, Master, Mastic, Mathews, Menke, Mercury, Merzon, Metal Mfg., Midway, Mikron, Milco, Milestone, Milgard, Miller, Millwork, Modern, Moen, National, Norandex, Norco, North, Northeast, Northern, Novatech, Okna, Oldach, Oldak, Optimum, Owens, Pacific, Palm, Pan, Paramount, Patriot, Peachtree, Peco, Peerless, Pella, Pennco, Peter, Pgt, Philips, Pilkington, Plastics, Plygem, Point, Polaris, Portalume, Pozzi, PPG, Precision, Provia, Quaker, Rehau, Reilly, Reliant, Remington, Repco, Republic, Resort, Reynolds, Rich, Rivco, Rivers, Riverview, Rivertown, Robert, Rollyson, Ross, Royal, Rusco, Sealmaster, Seasonall, Four Seasons, Seasonsheild, Seaway, Semling, Sierra, Silverline, Simonton, Slimfold, Slocomb, SNE, Softlite, Solar, Solaris, Stanley, Stanly, Starline, Statewide, Steelcraft, Stephen, Steves, Storm, Sugarcreek, Sun, Sunrise, Suntex, Super, Superior, Survivor, SWS, Taylor, Tech, Technologies, Textilene, Thermal, Thermalgard, Thompson, Traco, Traco-Three Rivers, Tru-Tech, Truth, Unique, United, Vampco, Veka, Velux, Vinyline, Vinylmax, Vista, Viwinco, Viwintech, Vytex, Wallside, Wausau, Weather, Weather-Shield, Weather-Craft, Wen, Wenco, West, Western, Widing, Wincore, WinDoor, WinDor, Windorloc, Windowerks, Windsor, Wood, Woodgrain, Young.

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